In Napoleon's stockings (in the absence of his steps ;) - Editorial of the May 2021 mailing

Dear friends, dear customers,
It's been a long time since we bought socks other than our own. It's now done: we took the plunge with a pair, second-hand at that!
But if we bought from the competition, it's because these socks were once worn by Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who died exactly 200 years ago, on May 5 at 5:49 p.m., the time of this email.
No, we did not acquire them out of fetishism or Bonapartism, as TF1 insinuated in its 8 p.m. show , but rather because these pairs are a piece of hosiery heritage and the district of our store is that of Invalides, 'where, from the top of the dome, (almost) four centuries look down on us. This collector's item will be exhibited in our store at 9 rue César Franck.
MCR 2.0 :
Already present on Facebook and Instagram, we have moved on to videos. Not yet on Tik Tok but on Youtube : there you will find all our presentation videos of our sock ranges. The main quality of these videos is that they are short, but we challenge you to come away without having learned anything. And as always, we are open to ideas for our next videos. This will be an opportunity for you to see our thimbles for those who have never come to the store!
What socks for tomorrow ?
We mentioned them to you in our last newsletter, our slipper socks are currently being designed. We have made good progress on the concept and we now know what we want. We are currently looking for a designer who could bring our idea of ​​slippers to music. Word to the wise, hello!

See you soon,
Jacques & Vincent
PS : In order for your online orders to be made in complete security, you must now validate the payment of your orders via your banking application (or by SMS). If you have a technical difficulty, please call us: 
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