The 5 mistakes not to make before giving socks at Christmas

Socks are an effective and original gift as the holidays approach. For this gift to be a success, there are nevertheless a few tips to follow.


Here are the classic mistakes to avoid to succeed.

  1. Not taking into account the person's tastes : you absolutely must know the person, their tastes and their habits. If the person uses a lot of color, take that into account. If he wears suits or sneakers, take that into account in your choice.
  2. Don't take your own tastes into account : also offer according to you! the gift should reveal your personality. Give what you would like to receive.
  3. Leave him in his comfort zone : The lucky person only wears black? And you too ? Out of the question, giving him black socks is out of the question. A gift of socks only makes sense if you get the lucky person out of their routine.
  4. Take the season into account : Socks are a light and simple gift. Offer socks to wear right away, for the coming season. The only exception: hunting socks. As they are a passionate gift, they can be given all year round.
  5. Get the wrong size :It's a shame to be flawless and to be wrong on the most obvious point. Whoever receives the socks will be happy to try on a pair immediately. Find out your shoe size beforehand so that there are no shadows on the board.

Some examples of sock gifts that are always a pleasure!


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