Cashmere socks

Cashmere socks are a delicious luxury. Both warm and soft, they have many attractions and fans are not mistaken. The best cashmere socks contain a real proportion of cashmere. Silk is often added to cashmere socks to give them even more strength and softness. Silk and cashmere are indeed very complementary.

Mazarin cashmere and silk socks are knee-highs made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk.

Cashmere is a wool taken from Asian goats, the shearing of which produces only a very small quantity of wool each year. Prized for its finesse and warmth, cashmere is used to make clothing such as sweaters, scarves and socks.

Discover the cashmere socks Mazarin in the 5 magnificent colors of their range.

Mazarin cashmere knee-high socks

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