What socks to wear in summer?

Summer seems to be a season where socks aren't a big concern. And yet…

In winter, what we expect from socks is first and foremost comfort and warmth, whereas in summer the problem is reversed. High temperatures make us seek freshness for our feet. The challenge is therefore to find the socks that will best protect your feet from the heat.

Once the objective is clearly defined, it is a question of knowing which socks to achieve it with. It all depends on your outfit!

1/ You wear a suit : The best is undoubtedly to opt for cotton socks. Depending on the amount of fantasy you want, you can choose more or less colorful models. Striped socks are also a great alternative to bring a little fantasy into sober tones.

2/ You are wearing a weekend outfit : The WE outfit is the one that leaves the most room for creativity. Color is almost an obligation , caviar socks or Bresciani deckchairs are wonderful examples of elegant and informal socks. Linen is undoubtedly one of the best weapons for your feet during the summer. Linen has exceptional qualities for absorbing moisture and keeping feet cool. THE linen socks are the ultimate summer socks.

3/ You are in holiday outfit, in shorts or Bermuda shorts : If you think you shouldn't wear socks with shorts, you are both wrong and right. Reason because shorts/socks combinations are almost always disastrous. The few exceptions that confirm the rule are difficult to implement. But you are also wrong because being barefoot in shoes is a significant inconvenience! Sweating helps the body (and therefore the foot) to cool down. But without a sock, perspiration goes into the shoe and does not cool your foot. From then on, you sweat all day long. The miracle solution is found in invisible socks. Whether you are wearing boat shoes, moccasins or canvas shoes, invisible socks will retain the natural moisture of your foot in contact with your skin to refresh it. Invisible socks reduce perspiration by 75% ! This is considerable! Your comfort is superior and you protect your shoes a lot.

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