Find your ideal pair of socks

There is no one model of socks that has a consensus and that everyone likes. Since we have been working in the world of socks, we have been able to see this. Everyone sees their socks in different ways. Some have had bad experiences and want to try something else, others are looking for exotic materials. We cannot bring all these customers together in a single product. There are those who wear colored socks, and others who are only happy with black. Each person has different expectations regarding their socks: while some favor colors, others prefer sober; while some favor durability, others value lightness.

Ultimately, an ideal pair of socks is a pair that meets the criteria of the wearer. Very precise criteria sometimes. In order not to be disappointed with your purchase, let's look together at these criteria which ultimately allow you to arrive at the model you are hoping for.

1. Length: First criterion, perhaps the most important: length. You have the choice between long, mid-length socks that reach below the knee, or shorter socks that reach mid-calf. Mid-stockings or mid-highs, the match is tense, with each party having good arguments. - With knee-highs, you will have the assurance of having socks that hold and do not unwind at the end of the day. daytime. Resting on the curve of the calf, the knee-highs ensure a perfect fit. Furthermore, the aesthetic aspect is essential since a knee-high covers the entire calf, thus avoiding showing part of the calf when the pants go up. - Mid-highs have emerged following current trends where pants are made tighter, in which a knee-high is too tight.

2. Hold: What do you prefer in a sock: having a feeling of support or not feeling the sock once put on? The constraints in terms of material and technique do not allow for have both effects at the same time. So, a pair made exclusively from natural material will give you that feeling of lightness – and almost no socks. On the other hand, the presence of polyamide strengthens the sock but makes it more present, thicker – not necessarily much warmer.

3. Heat: Do you want socks for the warm season or on the contrary, to face rain and snow? Here too, the question arises because different materials come to answer it. So, a person who is constantly outside, often on a motorbike or who is very cold will want wool socks. As opposed to the person who goes from their heated home to their workplace, which is also heated.

With these 3 criteria, the quest for the sock is well advanced. It remains to see elements linked to each person's tastes, that is to say, colors, patterns . In these cases, either we have a crush, or we visualize what outfit we are looking for socks for.

If you want to be discreet, socks aligned with the color of the rest of the outfit will have the best effect. On the other hand, knee-highs can be an opportunity to have fun. There are no rules except to have fun. Generally, wearing socks of the same color as the pants will lengthen the silhouette. When you wear socks of the same color as your shoes, it highlights them. With all these criteria, the search for the right pair of socks should be easier. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our advice to choose the models that will suit you best.