Black - Mirror Gloss


We present to you this black Mirror Gloss from the famous Saphir house, specially formulated to meet the needs of professional bootmakers and shiners wanting impeccable glazing, more easily and quickly.

Mirror Gloss is a concentrate of the brightest waxes such as Montan wax, Carnauba wax and beeswax. Turpentine was introduced to allow optimal adhesion and drying during and between the different applications of thin layers of this paste. The texture of the product is hard enough for the cloth to grip without slipping on the product, perfect for dosing icing finishes.

This product is exclusively intended for obtaining a glaze on the toes and outer counters of shoes because the glaze does not hold to the comfort folds.

Volume : 75ml

Before use :

  • If your shoe is clogged with waxy, silicone or resin deposits: it is important to clean the pores of the leather using Réno'mat Saphir .
  • If your shoes are regularly maintained, we recommend that you first use the Médaille d'Or lotion or the Médaille d'Or renovator which will gently rehydrate and clean the pores of the leather without altering the patina.

Manual :

  • Apply the Mirror Gloss using a chamois cloth around your middle and index fingers, forming small circles on the parts to be glazed.
  • The pressure on the skin should be light. Renew the application. As soon as you feel resistance, place a drop of water with your finger on the leather.
  • Repeat the previous actions to intensify the shine of the glaze.
  • Do not hesitate to alternate right shoe and left shoe to let the layers dry.
  • Leave to dry for 30 minutes without brushing the leather so as not to scratch the result obtained.
  • Polish delicately with the polishing glove .
Ref "5732704354470"

Shoe cream

Saphir shoe cream, also called pommadier, is a blend of natural waxes, pigments and shea butter. It is commonly used to rejuvenish the leather. Apply this product with a horsehair spatula brush to nourish and recolor evenly your shoes. Wait at least fifteen minutes. Then, buff your shoes with a large horsehair brush to remove the excess cream and bring a beautiful shine.

Wax polish

Saphir wax polish, known as "Pate de Luxe", is also a blend of oils and natural waxes. You can apply it with a brush to protect the leather from water and other damages, and to shine your shoes. It is the main product required to make a mirror shine, or enhance your shoes with different shades.  

The mirror gloss

Although similar to the wax polish, the mirror gloss is recommended for mirror shines only. This blend of hard waxes is best used for speeding up and facilitate the process of mirror shine, which can be long and arduous the first time.

The lotion

Saphir's lotion is a all-in-one product. You can apply  it with a rag to clean the leather of your shoes. It is composed of beeswax, lanolin and mink oil, which will nourish the leather and soften it. Buff the shoes after application and drying for a beautiful shine.

Saphir Renovateur

Like the lotion, this product is mainly composed of mink oil. You can use it for a deep leather nourishment. It is best used on dry and uncared leather. Do not use it on exotic leathers, such as alligator.

The Reno'Mat

This product should only be used once or twice a year, or on a leather that was not cleaned for a long time. Its purpose is to dissolve the waxes, natural or made with silicon in order to clean and prepare the leather for a full shoe care. Do not use it on patinas, since it would remove the added colors.

The grease

Saphir's grease is a product mainly used to nourish greasy leather, but it can also be used on leather soles for waterproofing. You can also apply it on the welt to prevent the stitching from breaking.

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