Back to school 20/21: a masked revolution

Dear friends, dear customers,

Since everyone is now masked, the My Red Socks revolution (it is fashionable to talk about revolution when we talk about change) is discreet when it is not underground.

We have undertaken work in our store to considerably increase the space available to welcome you. The space dedicated to mid-calf socks, still behind the checkout today, is a little cramped. there will therefore be a real room, our former offices, to present the mid-high socks. We therefore reduced a partition, thus considerably increasing the clarity of the store. This work is also an opportunity to redo the basement, which is almost a “basement” like in London, to make it a more pleasant place. So, dust from work and noise from drills can interfere with your visit to the store. Thank you for your understanding, as noisy neighbors in a building say. This work will be finished at the end of the month (normally, so I don't prefer to say which one ;)

See you soon and welcome back to school,

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