Which brushes to care for your shoes? Review of different brushes

Taking care of your shoes is first and foremost a necessity for everyone. This necessity (to have presentable shoes) becomes a taste for some, even sometimes an art for those most sensitive to elegance!

Shoe polish, luxury paste, lotion, renovators, brushes, so many essential accessories for caring for our shoes. Here we want to help you in the jungle of different brushes to use for this or that application, this or that leather. Our goal is to make you masters in this field!

Horsehair brush, crepe brush, pomade brush, spreader spatula brush, brass brush, so many brushes to maintain your shoes. But which one to use for what type of treatment? Which brushes for which type of leather?

Horsehair brush: shine after applying shoe polish or cream

Perhaps you have already used the famous horsehair brush? Without doubt, it is essential. There horsehair brush is ideal for polishing your shoes. You will use this brush mainly for smooth leathers. Horsehair is known to last over time, in other words, the hair gets less dirty and clogs less than other hairs or fibers of other brushes. Horsehair is perfectly resistant to shoe polishing.


Crepe brush: cleaning nubuck and suede

You certainly have suede or nubuck shoes; to treat these, dare to equip yourself with the crepe brush ! Thanks to real crepe, you can remove all dirt and stains from your shoes. The crepe brush, with the effects of an eraser, is very easy and quick to use.


Welt brush: wax and nourish the welt

You will also need the welted pomade brush , a great classic! This welt brush is intended for cleaning but also for applying cream and shoe polish. It is specially designed to effectively apply creams to the welt, in other words at the junction between the sole and the upper, as well as to the seams. This part is impossible to wax well with a simple cloth.


Spatula brush: apply cream and paste

For the application of any luxury paste, prefer the spreader spatula brush . Indeed, this brush is ideal when you care for your shoes with luxury paste. Thanks to it, you will succeed in your icings in all circumstances!


Brass brush: cleaning and brushing suede shoes

Finally, all you will be missing is the brass brush and you will be excellent at it! The brass brush is specially designed for suede care. Using it, you can easily remove stains, as well as straighten the “hairs” of the suede.


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