High or knee-high socks

The sock: a garment often neglected or even forgotten, wrongly. In the same way that well-chosen high socks highlight a new pair of shoes, making an elegant reminder with a belt, tie or scarf, inappropriate socks can create a disturbing sartorial imbalance. Height, as well as color and material, play an important role in finding a pair of socks. What is the ideal height for a pair of socks?

We can automatically blacklist the sock which barely extends beyond the shoe and therefore cannot reasonably claim the title of “high sock”. To qualify as high, the sock must necessarily ensure the transition between the shoe and the pants. However, the real high sock should not just come up to mid-calf. In fact, a sock that stops at this height where the calf is widest will tend to “tumble like an accordion over the calves, making large folds above the galoshes…” to use the words of academician Dominique Fernandez in Porporino or the mysteries of Naples. The only stratagem to try to make such a sock maintain its status as a high sock would be to provide it with a sturdy elastic band; we can easily see the discomfort of such tinkering. Only knee-high socks are ideally profiled to fit the flexibility of the calf. More than hypallage, it is important to remember that the high sock must be thin so as not to be unpleasant to wear up to the knee. Tall, thin socks will be comfortable all year round, from winter to fall and even summer.

Our socks, from the Gammarelli and Mazarin brands, are made from high-quality merino wool or Scottish thread in order to meet this triple requirement of flexibility, finesse and comfort. These materials, carefully selected, allow the high socks to always deserve this epithet, a guarantee of quality, even after numerous washes. Good quality knee high socks are high socks that don't fall off throughout the day.

Many people are not used to knee-high socks and imagine that socks this high are intended for women. They are wrong, these high socks are first and foremost elegant socks. If you have never worn socks, we urge you to try and be won over. In the chapter of misconceptions also runs that high socks are not for slightly warmer days. This is also an error. Socks are warm based on their materials and not their height. Our tall, thin lisle socks are not warm socks.

Mes Chaussette Rouges allows you to choose your high socks size by size in a wide range of colors. High socks go perfectly with a suit and dress shoes but also add a touch of elegance to more casual outfits.

Note that all our socks are high, even our sporty socks. Hunting socks are undoubtedly one of the best examples of high socks. With their cuff, they really reach up to the knees.

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