Navy Blue - Vicuna

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2 pieces in stock

2 pieces in stock

Navy blue knee-high socks in vicuna wool.

Made of vicuna wool (20%), cashmere (50%) and silk (30%), these socks are considered to be the finest and most luxurious socks in the world.

Crafted from the rarest materials, these socks are truly unique, as only a few pairs are produced every year. The combination of vicuna, silk and cashmere has led to the creation of what is seen as the best socks on the market.

Composition: 20% Vicuna - 50% Cashmere - 30% Silk

Height: Knee-high (below the knee)

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Warm  Light  Very warm


Delicate  Durable  Strong


Soft   Smooth   Luxurious

Thickness Thick  Thin  Medium

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