Brown & Blue - Super-Durable Cotton Lisle

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Light blue and brown striped socks from Mazarin's Super-Durable range in cotton lisle.

These knee-high socks are made of reinforced cotton lisle, ideal for people who tend to get holes in their socks easily, hence the name! Their composition is precisely what makes them extra resistant to wear and tear:

  • The Egyptian cotton lisle, the main component of these socks, makes them softer and lighter.
  • The addition of polyamide makes them stronger and more resistant, perfect for everyday wear.
  • A little bit of elastane gives this pair flexibility, ensuring the perfect fit on the leg.

The strength of these socks has been tested and approved by the world-renowned Martindale Wear Test.

The combination of an elegant brown shade with fine sky-blue ribbing creates a very stylish effect. These brown socks will add a refined touch to your outfits and an extra element of sophistication when worn with more casual outfits (jeans and trainers for example). Wear them tone-on-tone with brown trousers and shoes, as well as navy blue, grey, black or even red!

This model of socks for men is made renowned by Italian workshops, famed for the quality of their finishing: these socks, in addition to being reinforced at the toe and the heel, are remeshed stitch by stitch, meaning that there is no central seam at the toe for maximum comfort. 

Composition: 72% Cotton lisle - 26% Polyamide - 2% Elastane

Height: Knee-high (below the knee)

Ref "7223015702694"



Warm  Light  Very warm


Delicate  Durable  Strong


Soft   Smooth   Luxurious

Thickness Thick  Thin  Medium

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