Brown - Fur-Lined Slippers - Grained Leather

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Only 1 piece in stock!

Only 1 piece in stock!

Now, this is a pair of fur-lined slippers that you will never want to take off!

These Mazarin slippers are made of light brown grained leather, elegant and neutral at the same time, which allows you to match them elegantly with all your loungewear. The leather is soft and supple for maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

The inside of the slippers is made of 100% real fur, an insulating, soft and fluffy material that guarantees the feeling of warmth, softness and comfort in these slippers that you will love to wear, especially in winter!

Mazarin slippers are made in an Italian workshop chosen for the quality of its finishing. They feature a thin, non-slip synthetic sole. You will be able to walk on all types of ground without the risk of slipping.

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