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Finally, here are the famous knee-highs that every hussar will now be keen to wear.

In high-quality Scottish yarn, they are made exclusively for the Regiment by Mes Chaussettes Rouges, which manufactures them to measure with its own state-of-the-art knitting machine, installed in a workshop unlike anything else in existence. for decades, located in the heart of Paris, in the heart of the Left Bank.

Knee-highs are the socks of the elegant man, therefore the Hussar! They cover the entire calf and go up to below the knee, thus supporting the curve of the calf, which prevents it from falling.

You will be the only ones to wear this distinctive element in our colors, as chic as they are elegant, green striped with red.

Dear colleagues and hussars,

The Hussard, always, was renowned for his presence, his extreme elegance and his panache. This turn distinguished him, thus contributing to his martial aspect and undoubtedly contributed to creating a powerful esprit de corps, the basis of all cohesion.

Also, since we are talking about esprit de corps and a sign of recognition, was it not right that our own regiment acquired a distinctive sign?

This is why in its wisdom our General Staff, unanimously, adopted the following regulation which provides that every hussar must have the honor of wearing an element which distinguishes him. Namely magnificent knee-highs in our colors which are olive green with fine red stripes (i.e. ververte gules) . In the same way, the colonels will be recognized by their red knee-highs with fine olive green stripes (i.e. gules vergette vert), while the Timbalier in office will be distinguished in copper, the color of the timpani (i.e. full orange)

You can obtain this equipment here for a modest sum, made exclusively for the regiment and entirely woven in our good city of Paris, from the quartermaster. Hussars are asked to indicate their shoe size and the number of pairs desired, then follow the instructions given by the Quartermaster. The Intendance will take care of delivery.

See you at the next drink, fully equipped!

Hussardly and collegially

The Timbalier

Baron Philip of Germany

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