Black - Silver Buckle - Crocodile


3 pieces in stock

3 pieces in stock

Indulge in this sublime belt in crocodile leather from the brand Mazarin, a unique piece for a true gentelman!

Made in an excellent French workshop, this belt is lined with calfskin. The crocodile leather is composed by small scales from the animal's belly area. This kind of leather is highly reputed and used for the manufacture of high-end accessories.

This black varnished belt features a beautiful silver-coloured buckle, made o chrome-plated brass, enhancing the look. The main advantages of nickel and chrome are their anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and anti-oxidation properties! The seams are also made with black thread for a discreet finish. As you can see, this belt is made specifically for those who appreciate quality!

The width of the belt is 30mm and the sizes we offer go from 80 to 110. The size of a belt is the distance measured from the end of the buckle to the third hole.

P.D. In the last picture, you can see two good-quality belts. The black belt performs very well, but the red one (part of our range) is softer and therefore better. Why?

  • Because the leather on your belt won't crack as easily, especially around the buckle.
  • Because the belt will return to its original straight shape when rolled up.
  • Because it's a pleasure to hold it in your hands and to put it on.
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Taking care of your leather belt is easy. When you are not wearing it, we recommend suspending the belt vertically by its buckle. Doing it this way allows the leather to ease and take its shape back. You can also roll your belt and store it.

As for leather shoes, it is best to own at least two belts to alternate the wearing.

At some point, your leather belt will require cleaning. Start by brushing off the dust with a soft brush, or use a damp cloth to gently scrub the leather.

Then, you will have to nourish the leather with an adequate product. We recommend using Saphir's Lotion, or Renovateur. These two products will deeply nourish the leather and avoid tearing. It will also give a light shine.

Taking care of your belt should be done at least once a year, which will be sufficient to ensure that you keep your leather good for many years !

Do not apply this routine to braided or suede belts.

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