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6 pieces in stock

6 pieces in stock

Introducing Mazarin's famous woollen Moonwalk Indoors Socks, here in a Sky Blue & Red birdseye pattern!

These indoor socks have been designed to be used as slippers: they can be worn on all kinds of floors without the risk of slipping or wearing out. They feature a non-slip sole and are extremely comfortable thanks to their thickness. Perfect to keep your feet warm!

The socks are made of thick merino wool, particularly soft and warm. Its unique quality is that it insulates your from the cold while simultaneously allowing them to breathe. This model is reinforced with polyamide, making them extra resistant to wear and tear, and elastane, which makes the socks flexible and fit perfectly on the leg. 

Why do we call these socks Moonwalk? To reference the first human steps on the moon, of course! The sole of these socks is exactly the same as the one left by Neil Armstrong on Earth's satellite.

The birdseye pattern also has a reason to exist: it reminds us of the Milky Way! You'll have your head in the stars when you wear these sumptuous socks that are as comfortable as a cloud.

The best part? These socks can also be worn with shoes, if you ever need to quickly leave the house to walk the dog or get a package! 

Composition: 85% Wool - 12% Polyamide - 2% Elastane

Height: Mid-calf (short)

Care: Machine wash on the wool setting (30° and 600rpm maximum) - Avoid tumble-drying to preserve the anti-slip soles

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