Navy blue - Ramie


Navy blue pocket square cut from 100% ramie fabric and rolled by hand, by Mazarin.

This navy blue pocket square is ideal for accessorizing light-toned jackets. Woven from ramie, this pocket square is fine and elegant with a slight texture.

In order to maintain an artisanal finish, the edges of our pouches are rolled by hand.

Composition : 100% Ramie

Dimensions : 33.5 x 33.5 cm.

Ref "8863688884551"
Cashmere scarves

Dormeuil scarves are made from exceptional quality cashmere. In order to maintain their softness and the thickness of the material, we recommend dry washing or machine washing on a very delicate setting (cold on wool or hand washing). Choose natural, flat drying to maintain the shape of the scarf.

Pocket squares

The Carlo Riva & Simonnot Godard pocket squares are made of linen and cotton. You can machine wash them on a normal setting, preferably cold. Choose natural, flat drying. We advise you to iron the pouch once dry to maintain its smooth texture and shape.

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