Every pair of socks has its own unique set of characteristics which come from the material used to knit them.

You’ll find this table (in English!) under each description of every sock on our website: 

Here’s a bit of context to help you!


Warm: socks knitted from insulating fabrics, perfect for milder winter days (such as wool socks).

Light: fairly thin socks made of lighter fibres which lets feet breathe and keeps them cool (such as linen socks).

Very warm: socks knitted from highly efficient insulating fabrics. These socks will keep your feet warm and protect you from the cold (usually thicker socks like those in 85% cashmere).


Delicate: made from a delicate material that should be treated and washed with care (like our pairs knitted from cashmere and silk).

Durable: socks that will hold up well over time due to the natural strength of the fibres they are knitted from (like linen).

Strong: robust socks that are extremely wear-resistant (the super-durable range for example)


Soft: fluffy socks that are very soft to the touch (such as cashmere socks).

Smooth: Smooth socks that are gentle on skin (like our supersoft socks).

Luxurious : voluptuous socks that are very soft to the touch with a very light and plush texture (like our blend of cashmere and silk).


Thick: socks made from a dense and fairly tightly packed material, this relates to the quantity and thickness of the fibres used to knit them (such as cashmere socks).

Thin: thin socks that slip into any shoe (such as our socks in 100% cotton lisle). These socks are occasionally more delicate as a result.

Medium: socks of an average thickness; not too thick to wear with dress shoes, but they may be trickier to wear with slimmer shoes (like the super-durable range)