How do I choose the right sock length?

We offer three heights of socks:

1- Knee-High Socks

Height: these socks are quite long, reaching just below the knee.

Advantages: they offer more support and cover the entire shin. Their height is suitable to be worn with suit trousers.

Chaussettes mi-bas : idéales à porter avec des costumes, meilleure tenues sur la jambe, arrivent sous le genou.

2- Mid-Calf Socks

Height: mid-calf socks are shorter socks that reach the middle of the calf.

Advantages: they are ideal for people who wear tight-fitting trousers.

Chaussettes mi-mollet : idéales à porter quand il fait chaud, avec des pantalons étroits, arrivent au milieu du mollet (courtes)

3- No-Show Socks

Height: these socks are very short, meant to stay hidden inside of the shoe. We offer different models for different shoes.

Advantage: the no-show socks are invisible in the trainers or moccasins but still protect your feet and shoes.

Chaussettes invisibles ou socquettes, modèles baskets/sneakers ou mocassins (plus échancrées), idéales en été, modèles homme et femme, du 36 au 47.