Super-durable socks in Cotton lisle

# Why do we say that these are the sturdiest socks on the market?

In a Martindale abrasion test, our knee-high socks in reinforced cotton lisle obtained the best results out of a sample of 15 pairs from premium brands, with a resistance of nearly 49 000 cycles.

This result cannot be converted into a certain number of steps, but it represents very intensive use of the fabric.

These cotton lisle socks are made from a thick cotton lisle thread, as well as polyamide, a material that is also used to create mooring ropes for boats, and elastane, which gives the socks a neat look when worn.

# When shouldn’t you wear them

Super-durable socks in 72% cotton lisle are primarily made from cotton and therefore do not have particular warming properties. For this reason, this is not the most suitable model for very cold weather. This is also not the model we recommend the most for hot weather with temperatures over 35°.

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