The stripes

# How to wear striped socks?

The stripe is a classic and elegant pattern that allows you to subtly vary plain socks. If there's one pattern to have in your sock drawer, this is it! We offer two types of striped socks: vertical stripes, the most discreet which are visible when the sock is pulled tight (Bresciani and Mazarin), and horizontal stripes, which are wider and give a relaxed look (Gallo).

Colorful ribbed socks, also called vanilla socks, allow a multitude of color combinations. Bring a touch of delicate color to your outfit by matching the ribbing to your pants or shoes!

# Our favorites

As you might expect, we all love our socks. But if we had to select the must-haves, here is what we would suggest:

Fun fact : some pairs of vanilla socks are reversible, so you can wear them inside out to reverse the colors and add relief to your socks – like with this light gray & aubergine Mazarin pair .

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