Men's black socks

# The history of men's black socks?

Some people think that black men's socks are the default choice. In reality, black is a color with strong meaning. It is from the 14th century that we see the color black spreading in the wardrobes of influential men as a symbol of power, integrity and dignity. Over time, black has also become the color of luxury because it is elegant in its sobriety without being devoid of character.

The best-known men's black socks are perhaps those of the Italian brand Gammarelli, also known as the tailor of the Popes since 1798. Indeed, this tailor specializing in ecclesiastical clothing also supplies their socks. Among the 4 colors offered, there are obviously black socks intended for priests to match the color of their cassock. The other colors are intended for bishops (purple socks), cardinals (for cardinal red socks) and white ones for the Pope.

Men's black socks are therefore the chic, timeless and essential accessory for any man who wishes to highlight his rigorous character, his elegance and his sobriety. Men's black socks, pure class!

# Which pairs of men's black socks to choose?

Contrary to what one might think, no, black socks are not insignificant. As the painter Pierre Soulage, to whom we owe these magnificent paintings with infinite shades of black, could have said, among black there are other shades of black and this is also the case for men's black socks.

Here is an overview of the models of men's black socks that we offer, their characteristics and tips for pairing them perfectly with both your formal and casual outfits. A pair of socks that can be worn with dress shoes, moccasins or sneakers.

Men's plain black socks

Purists take note: here are the models of plain black men's socks to wear soberly with all your outfits. Discreet and elegant effect guaranteed. This classic model is a must-have men's fashion accessory. Thanks to the selection of noble materials that we use in the composition of our socks, you will wear a unique pair of premium quality socks, perfect for asserting your charisma!

Smooth black men's socks: by far the softest cotton socks we have before cashmere socks, these black men's socks from the supersoft cotton range stand out for:

  • Their fineness : they are the perfect intermediate between 100% Scottish thread and Super-solids, while having the advantage of solidity thanks to their polyamide reinforcement and hold thanks to elastane;
  • Their softness : the Egyptian cotton used for this pair is renowned for its fluffy feel which makes these socks a second skin that fits perfectly on the leg;
  • The smooth appearance : the absence of ribs on this model accentuates the comfort and softness of these black men's socks that you will enjoy wearing in all seasons, even in winter if the cashmere & silk models remain too warm for you!

Black ribbed socks for men: the timeless ones remain the models of black men's socks in Gammarelli lisle thread to which the most chic sock brands have left the monopoly on elegance in this color. Finesse and lightness are the watchwords of this pair as much as class and discretion. The discreet, thin ribbing of these black knee-high socks gives them a slightly dressier appearance than smooth models, perfect for pairing them with suits for example.

Men's black patterned socks

Do you like the elegance and simplicity of black men's socks but would still like to take the plunge with patterns? It's entirely possible to combine the two thanks to our models of patterned black high socks for men which bring a very discreet and refined touch of fantasy!

Men's black vanised socks: Mazarin and Bresciani are the two French and Italian brands, respectively, specializing in yarn color combinations to knit the most sumptuous pairs of vanised socks available. Including black vanized men’s socks! These lightly colored striped socks will allow you to add a touch of originality to your outfits. They will be the ideal accessory to make you stand out without overdoing it like with this black and royal blue or even black and gray model.

NB : the more marked the color contrasts, the more the detail will be visible.

Men's black herringbone knee high socks : the chevrons, originally a Greek pattern, have a zig zag effect which gives even more brilliance to mixes of colors, even the most sober. As with this black pair with gray herringbone, add a touch of finesse and refinement to your dark outfits!

Black houndstooth knee-high socks : this pattern brought up to date by Prince de Galle suits and then Dior suits in the 1930s is renowned for the originality of the color contrasts it allows. Men's black socks with gray houndstooth pattern remain quite sober to the naked eye but stand out in your outfits! Many other models exist, notably with navy blue and brighter colors!

The caviar pattern for men's black socks : by far the most subtle of the patterns, the caviar is distinguished by its light dots of color which give a melted appearance when seen from afar. It's a real trompe l'oeil which illuminates black men's socks with the fineness of its stitches. Try this pair of men's socks with an eggplant caviar pattern!

# Find the right material for men's black socks for each season

We offer men's black socks in all materials to accompany you with chic and elegance in all seasons:

  • Spring/summer : wear black knee-high socks in linen or lisle thread;
  • Autumn-winter : super-strong scotch thread or wool, merino wools will be perfect for mild winters. And for the more cautious among you, succumb to the softness and comfort of black men's knee-high socks in thick cashmere or cashmere and silk.

In any case, your foot will remain at the height of elegance and in absolute comfort!

Care instructions : machine wash your black men's socks in a washing bag to preserve the quality of the fibers and inside out to maintain the purity of their black color.

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