Caviar pattern

# The caviar pattern

The caviar pattern, also called partridge eye, is renowned for its subtlety. It’s a pattern that is both discreet and eye-catching and gives character to your outfits. Caviar is a jacquard pattern whose knitting interweaves two threads of different colors whose knitting loops alternate to create this colorful or even textured trompe l'oeil effect.

Our favorites : the most contrasting caviars to draw the eye to the original detail ( blue & yellow , blue & sand , burgundy & beige ) and those tone-on-tone for a subtly luminous touch ( navy & blue king , black & heather gray ).

# Why wear it?

Caviar patterned socks are perfect if you don't dare go for patterns but want to subtly vary plain outfits. Wearing caviar socks means knowing how to stand out with elegance and sobriety.

# What’s special about the caviar pattern?

It is a very subtle trompe-l'oeil pattern which offers countless possibilities for color combinations, which particularly highlights the contrasts up close and, from a distance, has a blended finish which suggests a solid color.

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