Golf & Hiking socks

# Why do I need specific socks for hiking?

Our hiking socks are both warm and comfortable, thanks to the use of merino wool. Wool is the only fabric which remains a source of warmth even when moist. These socks are an excellent choice for your hikes and treks.

Hiking is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to the incredible views and sensations it has to offer. Whether you are going for a long walk, trek or run, in the mountains, forest or along one of the many hiking trails in France and across the world, having the right attire is essential.

# Discover our socks designed especially for golf

Our golf socks have a weft-knitted terry sole for greater comfort. The cotton enhances optimal perspiration control while the elastic in the center allows firm support on the foot, for amateurs of the little white ball. The socks were designed to remain comfortable in spiked golf shoes.

As with all sports, equipment is an important aspect and we wanted that the socks would be an ally on a successful 18 hole course thanks to adapted materials and a design developed to support the golfer. From the soles of his feet the tip of his club, the player must be at ease and these socks help contribute to that.

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