Men's knee-high socks

# Men's knee-high socks: elegant and practical high socks

Men's knee-high socks are popular for several reasons: their impeccable fit and their optimal height.

NB : they are called knee-highs because they are half stockings that reach the top of the thighs!

What are the advantages of high socks for men?

Two advantages of men's knee-high socks:

  • Support : Men's knee-high socks reach just above the curve of the calf. It is the elasticity of the materials that allows the high sock to tighten very slightly. These men's high socks stay in place all day long. You will have understood, you will no longer need to constantly readjust your socks which slip on your calf.
  • Elegance : Men's knee-high socks also have an aesthetic advantage. If you're wearing pants that are quite short or wide, it's possible that when you sit down, a pair of mid-rises won't be enough to cover your calf sufficiently. High socks help avoid this, because they cover the legs and feet and ensure a perfect connection between your pants and your shoes, and avoid exposing your calves to those around you! Knee-highs are generally popular with wearing a suit.

When should you avoid wearing men's knee-high socks?

In our opinion, knee high socks can be worn for all occasions! There is, however, an exception. If your pants are tight-fitting, there may be friction between the material of the pants and the material of the socks when you sit down. In this case, mid-calf socks (or short socks) are a valid alternative.

# Men's knee-high socks in natural materials

Our men's knee-highs are available in a wide variety of materials, in order to satisfy all needs according to the seasons and the desired characteristics.

Men's knee-high socks in lisle yarn : Lisle yarn is a pure cotton yarn. The different treatments applied, such as mercerization, make it finer and shinier. These men's lisle socks are light and durable, and can be worn almost all year round (the bravest among you will even dare to wear them in winter).

Men's knee-high socks in super-strong lisle thread : These men's knee-high socks combine the best of natural and synthetic materials to ensure unparalleled robustness. They are knitted from Scottish thread, and reinforced with polyamide and elastane. These synthetic materials, renowned for their strength and flexibility, make it possible to obtain the most resistant knee-high socks in the world with impeccable fit on the leg.

Super-soft cotton knee -highs : This model of men's knee-highs is made of very soft and fluffy non-mercerized cotton. The yarn maintains its softness even after several passes in the machine.

Sea Island cotton men's knee-high socks : Sea Island cotton is renowned for its extreme softness and silky fiber. Sea Island men's cotton knee-high socks are exceptionally fine, fluffy, and feel reinforced by their absence of rib.

Men's linen knee-high socks : Linen is the ideal material for warm seasons. This material, very breathable and light, wicks away moisture very well and will not keep you hot. Your feet and shoes will thank you!

Men's cotton voile knee-high socks : These high socks are intended for people living in hot countries. They are the thinnest and lightest: they are practically transparent.

Men's wool socks : These are the ideal men's winter socks. They are particularly comfortable and warm and the finest are made of 80% merino wool. If you prefer robustness, choose super-strong wool models. You can also opt for wool and cotton blend socks. Wool and cashmere knee-highs provide warmth, softness and finesse.

Cashmere knee-highs : This exceptional material is used alone or mixed with other materials. You will find luxury socks in very soft cashmere and silk. Mixed with wool, cashmere produces warm, thick and sturdy socks. And the warmest socks are made from thick cashmere or 100% cashmere.

Men's knee-high socks in vicuna : Softness, warmth or finesse. Men's luxury vicuna socks have no equal. These high socks are practically the thinnest available, and the vicuña fibers have excellent insulating properties. The ultimate luxury accessory pair.

Men's long silk socks : The finesse and softness of silk knee-high socks has no equal. Lightweight and thermoregulating, they can be worn both in summer and in winter.

Men's compression stockings: These knee- high socks are class 2 compression stockings. When worn, they promote blood circulation. They are excellent for people who stand for prolonged periods to prevent vein problems. We chose houndstooth patterns for the support sock to make it a charismatic piece with a touch of coquetry!

# How to wear men's high socks

Since our beginnings, we have always wanted to offer a very wide range of colors and patterns. Browse over 300 styles and find the perfect pair of luxury socks:

Plain knee-high socks : our plain knee-highs come in a wide range of colors, which will allow you to create a variety of combinations with your outfits in complete simplicity. Our iconic models: green Académie socks from Mazarin, red Gammarelli socks.

Men's striped knee-high socks : Striped, or plain, knee-high socks are the longest socks with the easiest pattern to wear. The colored ribs are more or less contrasting, and allow you to dare a discreet and refined touch of color. They are also reversible: you will have two pairs of knee-highs in one, Classic with a twist!

Men's knee-high socks with a caviar pattern: The caviar pattern is a discreet pattern that reveals its subtlety when you look closely. The multiple color combinations will allow you to enhance your outfits without exaggeration.

Men's knee-high socks with a houndstooth pattern : The houndstooth pattern allows you to add a slight touch of fantasy to your outfits with elegance. The contrast between the colors is a little more visible than a caviar pattern.

Herringbone pattern socks : The herringbone pattern is often very appreciated by fans of sartorial art. Its regularity allows two colors to be highlighted with a subtle contrast on men's knee-high socks. For an elegant and very fine finish.

Men's knee-high socks with a diamond pattern: Also called argyle pattern, the diamond pattern extends finely across the entire width of the men's high sock. This allows you to add a regular touch of color to your pairs of socks.

Polka dot models : The polka dot pattern is a classic. It allows you to add a little contrasting color discreetly to the high sock for men.

Textured knee -highs : This category brings together three textured patterns: the tortoiseshell, honeycomb, and grenadine pattern. This allows you to experiment with a discreet embossed pattern without necessarily adding extra color to your socks.

Sequin patterns : This model contains a portion of lurex thread, which provides a shiny, glittery effect. Ideal to wear in the evening to add a festive touch to your outfits.

Browse our collection of men's knee-high socks to make your selection!

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