Warm socks

# Warm socks

When winter arrives, we often think of getting out our warm coats... But don't forget your warm socks! The extremities of the body are often the places where we catch cold. So let's prevent colds by donning warm, comfortable socks (and hats!).

The benefits of warm socks

Too often considered an accessory, socks are an essential part of your winter wardrobe to keep you warm. In cold weather, short warm socks (mid-calf) will give you ..:

  • Warmth : the warm socks presented here are knitted from merino wool, renowned for its thermoregulatory properties. Merino wool socks retain body heat while letting feet breathe.
  • Softness : wool fibers are fine and supple. Thanks to these two properties, wool socks fit snugly against the skin, so they don't sting!
  • Comfort : warm wool socks let feet breathe (because they're an airy material) and keep them dry. Merino wool perfectly absorbs moisture at the heart of its fibers, ensuring a dry feel to fibers in direct contact with the skin.
  • Style : the wool socks we offer mix colors and patterns to create elegant models with a touch of whimsy if you want to give character to your outfits with refinement.

In addition to natural wool, our warm short socks are made from exceptional synthetics: polyamide and elastane. These materials have been meticulously chosen for their respective strength and suppleness. So, even though our winter socks are made from delicate natural materials, they are reinforced to resist wear and tear over time and ensure impeccable support.

Did you know? Wool socks can also be worn in summer for sports like hiking! Wool socks are moisture-absorbing, odor-resistant and antibacterial, making them ideal for all-day comfort. And their thermoregulating properties keep feet at the right temperature in summer and winter.

Our warm sock ranges

It's important to know which sock material and thickness is right for you. And for that, there's no other option than testing! We'll help you identify the ideal pair of warm socks for the winter season.

Warm socks in fine merino wool Bresciani offers winter socks made from 80% fine, lightweight merino wool. These top-of-the-range models are ideal for people who want to keep their feet warm in a sensible way, and enjoy a sensation of lightness in their socks.

Warm intermediate thickness socks Mazarin offers the strongest wool socks on the market with its range of Super-Solid warm socks. These winter socks are a perfect blend of the best natural and synthetic materials, making them warm, soft and hard-wearing. In fact, polyamide is the material used to make boat mooring lines, and elastane is renowned for its flexibility and durability. With their intermediate thickness, Super-solides have been designed to accompany you all winter long. They adapt to every outfit you wear: they're chic with dress shoes and practical with more sporty shoes. And for even more style, try the equally sturdy wool/cotton mid-range, featuring beautiful, colorful vanilla patterns(gray & red, brown & sky, navy & green, blue & red).

N.B.: we also offer warm, knee-high socks. They'll keep you even warmer, but don't be afraid of their height! Take a look at our collection of warm knee-high socks here.

Warm non-slip socks

Have you ever heard of our warm, non-slip socks? They're sock booties designed and knitted by Mazarin! These socks have been specially designed to be worn indoors and to walk on the floor without risk of damage or slipping, thanks to their non-slip sole. Made from 86% Merino wool, they are comfortable thanks to the thickness of the material, soft and warm, and sturdy thanks to the polyamide reinforcements. Plus? The shape of the sole is reminiscent of Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon, and the caviar pattern is reminiscent of the Milky Way... hence the name: Moonwalk !

# Christmas gift idea: boxes of warm socks!

Want to share your love of warm socks? Give the gift of 3 or 5 pairs of our warm socks (wool, cashmere and blends) in one of our specially designed gift sets. Discover our sock gift sets here.

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