Very warm materials

# Our very warm materials

We use the warmest materials to make our winter socks, these socks are designed for those who get cold easily and will protect your feet from the coldest winter temperatures. These warm socks are made from animal fibres which are brilliant natural insulators. Why not try our cashmere and cashmere blend socks, or even our socks made from yak or vicuna, the latter fabric being as rare as it is warm!

# Which material should I choose?

To choose the right socks for you, compare the different properties of the materials we offer and their thicknesses;

  • Cashmere is widely known as one of the warmest and softest materials on the market. Our socks are either 100% or 85% cashmere, with the latter percentage allowing for a stronger sock. These socks are knitted extra thick for warmth and comfort.
  • Cashmere and Wool blend : these models are less thick than our pure cashmere socks and are knitted without ribs to make them particularly soft and silky. They are a perfect combination of the warmth of wool and the softness of cashmere.
  • Cashmere and Silk blend: these socks are the ideal blend of two particularly soft and warm materials. They are very thin and therefore perfect for even the tightest winter shoe. As well as their velvety, silky feel, these are some of the warmest socks available thanks to the natural thermoregulatory properties of silk which allows them to retain heat effectively.

As they’re made from the best materials, these socks need a little special care: all these socks are delicate and should preferably be washed by hand. Otherwise, wash on the most delicate machine setting. Very low to no spin cycle, do not tumble-dry.

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