# Why do we offer wool socks?
We distinguish the type of wool by its sheep! Wool is a highly insulating fabric which will protect your feet from the cold and keep it warm. The wool used in our socks comes the merino sheep, a sheep which is renowned for producing the finest, softest and warmest wool. Originally from Spain, the breed is known for the richness and high quality of its wool.

# When should I wear wool socks?
Warmer than Cotton Lisle, wool socks are a comfortable choice during the cold weather. Whether you are travelling by motorbike or spending your days working outside or enjoying the fresh air, you will be suitably attired with wool socks on your feet! We have a range of different types of wool, including thicker and thinner wools in order to meet all of your needs.

# When shouldn’t I wear wool socks?
Wearing wool in the summer is not recommended and can even make you too hot which is not ideal. Take care when washing your wool socks as wool is a sensitive material. Setting your washing machine to the wool cycle and choosing a 600 spin or less is always recommended.

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