Winter socks for men

What are winter socks?

As the name suggests, men's winter socks are special socks for the coldest weather of the year. We select our men's winter socks according to two main characteristics: their composition and their patterns.

Men's winter socks are made from the most insulating and softest materials to guarantee both warmth and comfort in the city and or for outdoor purposes. We also like to offer men's winter socks that stand out for their design: Norwegian patterns, thick ribbing, XXL houndstooth, and more. It's all about feeling your best, and if you're feeling down in the dumps, let your spirits be boosted by soft, warm materials and warm patterns!

Winter socks for men are often associated with thick socks... but thin socks can also be very warm, depending on the material! We offer a wide choice of models, from thick socks in 100% cashmere, for example, to thin, warm socks thanks to ablend of silk and cashmere. These models are available in knee-high (high socks) and mid-calf (shorter socks), depending on your habits and desires. Discover our full range of men's winter socks below.

Our men's winter socks ranges

Our aim is to offer you men's winter socks to wear in all circumstances: men's winter socks for indoors or outdoors, in mild or extreme temperatures. We offer you a selection of quality winter socks to keep your feet warm all winter long! To achieve this, our sock ranges combine the best of natural materials, renowned for their thermal properties, with robust synthetics, to create models that are both highly insulating and strong. We offer men's warm winter socks in mid-calf (short socks) and knee-high (knee-high socks) styles. We value warm, confectionable materials.

Men's wool winter socks

Wool socks are ideal for winter wear, especially in the city. Perfect pairs of men's winter socks to keep your feet warm! Merino wool is a material renowned for its insulating properties: it can hold no less than 80% of air in its volume. Merino wool winter socks keep your feet warm, even on the thinnest socks. The plus of wool socks? Wool is an anti-bacterial material that lets the skin breathe and bacteria circulate, thus preventing unpleasant odors in your shoes. Our wool sock models range from the finest merino wool to the thickest 90% wool socks, as well as sturdy mid-calf socks in super-solid wool.

Cashmere winter socks

From Bresciani 100% cashmere socks to Mazarin 85% cashmere, men's cashmere winter socks are undoubtedly the warmest and softest available! Winter socks from the most prestigious luxury houses to dress your feet with elegance and refinement. We're particularly fond of our cashmere and silk blend socks, which are among the finest, fluffiest and warmest winter socks available. Cashmere socks are the softest men's winter socks available (after vicuna).

Men's winter socks in YAK

Yak socks are extremely soft and thick. Yak is a very natural wool that comes from the fine down hair of the animal of the same name, which is then processed into strong fibers: these thick men's winter socks are particularly fluffy and non-itchy. And yak wool fibers are tough, too!

Men's winter socks in vicuña

Men's vicuña winter socks are undoubtedly the most luxurious socks you can wear for winter. Vicuña is even softer than cashmere, with a fineness and comfort unmatched by any other material. The rarity of this material also explains its high price.

Men's winter sports socks: men's ski socks

Mazarin offers 3 models of winter socks to wear in the mountains for your skiing days. They have been designed to meet the specific technical requirements of this sport, ensuring comfort in your ski boots, resistance to knocks during practice, and regulating your foot temperature so you don't get too hot or too cold. The synthetic materials used (polyamide) are the most suitable to provide all these characteristics necessary for the comfort of sportsmen (which you all are deep down!). A special model has been designed for those with a chill in the air, blending polyamide and cashmere for even greater softness. Who says comfort has to come after effort?

N.B.: if you're one of those rare people who likes to wear invisible socks, or ankle socks, in spite of the harsh winter weather, Mazarin has thought of everything! The collection of invisible socks for sneakers welcomes a new pair for this winter... in wool! Your ankles may be uncovered, but your feet will be warm enough to compensate!

How to care for men's winter socks

Men's winter sock materials are generally quite delicate. Here are our care tips:

  • Machine-wash your winter socks on delicate cycle (wool or hand), cold and with very little spin (600 rpm maximum);
  • Dry your winter socks naturally, flat, to preserve their shape without deforming them, and to let the fibers return to their natural shape;
  • The most courageous among you will take the time to wash them by hand - obviously the least risky solution, but not compulsory!

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