# Who is Bresciani?

Bresciani is an Italian house which was founded in 1970. The family business strives to be bold and daring, and its range is always up to date with current trends. Bresciani has worked with some of the biggest clothing brands for quite some time.

Bresciani’s range of socks are made from the finest fabrics with elegant and stylish patterns.

# Why should I wear Bresciani socks?

Wearing a pair of Bresciani socks means adding a touch of Italian elegance to your look! Succumb to a pair of ribbed Cotton Lisle or wool knee-highs with perhaps a Houndstooth pattern. During the winter months, why not try a pair of the Norwegian wool socks and be at the very height of fashion.

You will also find a large number of ribbed or striped socks. We are particularly fond of these socks as they are very easy to wear and can be easily combined with other colours, for a discreet or bolder look. What’s more, they can be worn inside out, making getting dressed all the more fun.

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