Doré Doré

# The Doré Doré Brand

Doré Doré is one of the oldest French sock manufacturers. Founded in 1819, this label has a brilliant reputation for the quality of their innovative and modern models made in Italy. The Doré Doré brand is part of French heritage and history. Indeed, Charles de Gaulle wrote in his memoires that his wife would always stop at Doré Doré in Troyes on her way to their holiday destinations!

# What makes the Doré Doré brand special?

Doré Doré are constantly innovating to get the very best out of the raw materials they use. The traditional French brand is also responsible for inventing invisible socks! Their flagship socks include woollen socks in a traditional argyle pattern or their ‘adventure’ model, ideal for wintery weekends. 

# Why wear Doré Doré socks?

Doré Doré socks are cornerstones of top-end fashion due to their variety, the prestige of the materials they use and the vast range of the products that they offer (they design models for men, women and children). Once you start wearing them, you’ll never be able to stop!

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