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Only 0 pieces in stock!

Viaggio in Roma!

Massimiliano Bresciani has designed this magnificent pair of socks named Caracalla in cotton lisle! Admire the motif, evoking the floors of the famous Roman baths! These knee-high socks are gray and Bordeaux. They recreate the Italian tiling of these thermal baths, the first to offer hot water!

This pair of socks is an exclusive model and a limited edition created on the occasion of Mr. Bresciani's visit to Mes Chaussettes Rouges on Saturday December 7, 2018.

These socks are knee-highs reaching just below the knee and remeshed by hand (meaning no stitching at the heel or toe).

Ref "5732783456422"



Warm  Light  Very warm


Delicate  Durable  Strong


Soft   Smooth   Luxurious

Thickness Thick  Thin  Medium

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