Super-durable socks in wool

# For what reasons do we suggest wool socks?
You can tell the wool by the sheep! Wool is a very isolating material that will keep the foot away from cold and bring warmth.

# Why affirm that these wool socks are super solid?
After a great number of Martindale abrasion tests, that evaluate the resistance of the sock via rubbing the fabric, we obtained for our wool socks very high results, corresponding to an intensive use of the fabric.

These wool socks are made of a thicker wool thread, made of polyamide, to have an impression of precision of the worn sock.

# When to wear them?
PlWarmer than Scottish Lisle socks, these wool socks will be very comfortable for cold days. Here, the Super-solid line of wool presents very resistant socks, both sturdy and soft. You will be able to wear them from the moment that temperatures decrease. Their composition (26% polyamide) enables to wear these models with no fear of forgetting to activate the delicate wash, since it's an already treated wool, being able to withstand washes at 40°.

# When to avoid wearing them?
Wearing wool in summer is not necessarily recommended, and may even be too warm, which wouldn't be too pleasant.

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