# Where does the Mazarin brand come from?

Mazarin grand faiseur specialises in providing shoe attire to members of the French Academy, as well as all men of good taste.

Mazarin grand faiseur is the result of a collaboration between sock specialists and Alain Stark, the tailor from the famous House of Stark and Sons on rue de la Paix, Paris. Mazarin grand faiseur created a range of Cotton Lisle socks, in the same colour as the famous traditional outfit worn by the members of the French Academy. The silk threads are the same as those used for the olive branch embroideries on the lapels of the jackets and which give the socks such an original and identifiable colour.

True believers in the elegance and comfort of knee-highs, Mazarin has continued to gradually develop a wider range of socks in various different colours.

# Which Mazarin socks should I wear?

You will find a pair of Mazarin socks for each and every occasion! Plain, striped, Birdseye, Houndstooth, Cotton Lisle, wool or cashmere, there is something for everyone.

Mazarin was also the first brand to create the most durable suit socks on the market: the super-durable range. Reinforced with polyamide, these Cotton Lisle socks are highly resistant and comfortable. Plain or striped, you will have plenty to choose from to match your outfits. These Mazarin socks are available in knee-high and mid-calf length.

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