Cotton lisle

# What is Cotton Lisle?
Cotton Lisle is a type of cotton which has been reworked to make it smoother. This process, otherwise known as a mercerisation, makes the cotton threads softer, stronger and suppler. When you look closely at a Cotton Lisle sock, you will see that the threads are very clearly defined. The longer the cotton fibres are, the more durable the sock will be. For this reason we use the ‘Extra Long Staple’ cotton for our socks.

# When should I wear Cotton Lisle socks?
The majority of French people wear cotton socks all year round! Cotton Lisle can be worn during both winter and summer months. It is a soft fabric making it agreeable to wear in the winter and it also has key moisture absorbing properties, keeping your feet cool during the summer.

# When should I avoid wearing them?
For people who feel the cold easily or are exposed to cold temperatures during long periods of time, who perhaps work outside during the winter, Cotton Lisle will not keep you as warm as a pair of wool socks. However, for people who spend their days alternating between a heated house and a heated office, Cotton Lisle will do the job nicely!

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