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Napoleon Bonaparte Box set - Knee-high - Limited Edition

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Box Set of 6 replicas of Napoleon's knee-high socks - Limited edition

The 5th of May 2021 was the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death. To simultaneously celebrate this chapter of France's history and our love of socks, Mes Chaussettes Rouges acquired a pair of silk stockings worn by Napoleon himself. The stockings have been authenticated by a stamped seal from one of his contemporaries, soldier and politician Joachim Clary who acquired them directly from Napoleon’s mother.

Now it’s your turn to rub shoulders with excellence by purchasing this exclusive set of 6 knee high socks, all replicas of those worn by Napoleon himself and each in a colour that has been inspired by the life of the emperor. The socks will be enclosed in a special box in the shape and design of the column at the Place Vendôme in Paris, a monument Napoleon had erected to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz.

Pre-order - Delivery estimated for late-may.

The 6 colours inspired by Napoleon's life:

  • Steel-Blue: At 10 years old, a young Napoleon started out at the Brienne Military Academy where the uniform featured steel-blue socks.

  • Red: After the coup of 18th Brumaire, Napoleon was established as first consul for life. As consul he wore red.

  • White: Napoleon wore white at his coronation on the 2nd of December 1804 which provided the inspiration for these excellent unbleached socks.

  • Green: Although Napoleon had risen to the rank of emperor, he was still a military man and a petit corporal at heart. His favourite colour was always green, the same colour of the Light Cavalry of the Imperial Guard. Napoleon also wore green at the battle of Austerlitz, his greatest victory.

  • Blue: This blue is inspired by Napoleon’s Grenadiers, the iconic blue-clad soldiers who also donned bear-skin hats.

  • Black: Inspired by Napoleon’s black bicorne hat, a true emblem of the emperor’s style. Not only did Napoleon wear the hat sideways rather than straight as was the fashion, he would also always wear it into battle. A true military man, the intrepid Napoleon was prone to getting too close to the action, so much so that his own generals threatened to have grenadiers move him back if he did not do so himself, to protect him from enemy fire. On occasion, Napoleon’s fighting spirit would get the better of him, and he received a minor injury at the battle of Essling when a bullet grazed his ankle. To celebrate this spirit, these black socks have a blood-coloured mark at the toe and heel.

Material: all the socks are produced from cotton lisle except from the white ‘emperor’ pair, which are in silk.

Delivery: this box is available for sale all over the world, except in the municipality of Waterloo in Belgium where delivery is not guaranteed.

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Comment choisir la bonne hauteur de chaussettes ?

Nous proposons trois hauteurs de chaussettes :  

1- Les Mi-bas

Hauteur : les mi-bas sont des chaussettes longues dont la hauteur arrive sous le genou. 

Avantages : elles ont plus de tenue et couvrent le tibia en entier. Leur hauteur est adaptée pour être portée avec des pantalons de costume.

Chaussettes mi-bas : idéales à porter avec des costumes, meilleure tenues sur la jambe, arrivent sous le genou.

2- Les Mi-mollet

Hauteur : les mi-mollet sont des chaussettes courtes dont la hauteur arrive au milieu du mollet.

Avantage : elles sont adaptées pour les personnes qui portent des pantalons ajustés.

Chaussettes mi-mollet : idéales à porter quand il fait chaud, avec des pantalons étroits, arrivent au milieu du mollet (courtes)

3- Les Invisibles

Hauteur : les invisibles sont des chaussettes très courtes. Deux échancrures : une pour les baskets qui arrive sous la malléole et une pour les mocassins qui arrive sous le coup de pied. 

Avantage : les invisibles ne se voient pas dans les baskets ou mocassins mais protègent quand même vos pieds et vos chaussures. 

Chaussettes invisibles ou socquettes, modèles baskets/sneakers ou mocassins (plus échancrées), idéales en été, modèles homme et femme, du 36 au 47.


For socks made of natural materials (Cotton lisle, Linen, Sea Island cotton, Silk):

- Wash: by hand (recommended) or by machine (cold or 30°, spin-drying 600 rpm);
- Wash socks inside out;
- Machine drying and ironing are strongly discouraged;
- Flat-drying recommended.

For socks made of animal materials (Merino wool, Cashmere or camel hair):

- Wash: by hand (recommended) or by machine (cold only, spin-drying 600 rpm);
- Wash socks inside out;
- Machine drying and ironing are strongly discouraged;
- Flat-drying recommended.

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