Black socks

# How should I wear this colour?
Black socks are the most well-known and the most commonly worn, making them a staple piece in any male wardrobe. Black socks go with everything and this is why they are so often the first choice for many men. Like grey and navy blue socks they are subtle and can be worn easily with black or brown shoes and navy blue or grey suits. With lighter coloured clothing, black socks are more visible and bring a sense of presence and depth to lighter outfits.

# What does this colour say about you?
For many men, black socks are sometimes a necessity, sometimes an aesthetic choice, but more often than not they are a last resort. Certain men choose black socks in the same way they choose white socks to do sport, because they don’t want to have to think about it too much. Black socks shouldn’t be something to be endured but should be chosen to highlight your shoes or a particular aspect of your outfit. Elegance may seem simple to the man who admires it from afar but paradoxically it requires skill to understand and master it. Black socks for example are an unquestionable essential for an understated and elegant look. Black symbolises serene authority. It naturally imposes a certain kind of respect, making the stranger attractive.

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