Sea Island Cotton

# What is Sea Island Cotton?
In the cotton family, there is one which is known for its rarity, the length of its fibres and the excellent quality of the products that it makes: Sea Island cotton or West Indian Sea Island cotton. Sea Island cotton represents 0.004% of the global cotton production. Its rarity is due to the fact that it requires the very unique West Indian climate in order to grow. In order to guarantee a strict high quality, it is subject to quality controls.

# A distinguished fabric?
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom demanded that her handkerchiefs be made out of Sea Island cotton. As the preferred cotton of such a distinguished figure, Sea Island will certainly not disappoint the most discerning of sock lovers. More recently, the famous Secret Service agent James Bond has appeared wearing clothing and underwear made out of Sea Island cotton.

# How do I wash Sea Island socks?
Not too thick, these socks will go perfectly with city shoes. Silky and soft to the touch, they will bring a splash of sophistication to your outfit. But be warned! Once you start wearing Sea Island cotton, you will find it hard to wear more ordinary types of cotton ever again!

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