Compression socks

# Who are knee-high compression socks aimed at?

Our range of compression socks are aimed at people who travel regularly, often take various forms of transport or spend long periods of the day standing up. The socks are class 2 which help to prevent the sensation of heavy legs at the end of the day. These knee-highs can also be worn by people who suffer from varicose veins or leg swelling.

# Why is this range different?
The purpose of this range is to provide a larger selection of compression knee-high socks, compared to what is usually on offer in compression stocking retailers. There is a varied range to choose from, with patterned or plain socks in both more subtle and bolder colours. These socks have been designed with the many customers in mind who have confessed hiding their compression stockings under more presentable socks. Now, you can show off your elegant compression socks!

Made in Italy and tested in Switzerland, these socks are a mix of cotton, polyamide and elastane, strong materials which resist well to various weather conditions, and general wear and tear

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