Bleu socks

# How should I wear this colour ?
Blue socks are a must-have for any sock drawer! In order to avoid being accused of lacking taste, we always suggest opting for a pair of navy blue socks which always fit the bill. Blue goes well with black or brown shoes and with all kinds of outfits, including jeans and suits. To mix things up and get away from navy blue, light or royal blue can also be good alternatives. These coloured socks will do the job for your daily social events as well as for your professional meetings, paired with a navy blue suit or a pair of jeans. Blue can also be easily combined with an array of patterns and accompanying colours. Striped, it goes wonderfully well with red, brown, orange and green. In a Houndstooth pattern, it goes well with Burgundy and olive green.

# What does this colour say about you ?
Did you know that blue is Europe’s favourite colour? The family of blue socks is interesting because it is so varied. Navy blue socks are a symbol of seriousness, whereas royal blue is a much brighter colour. Light blue socks are also interesting, as their subtler colour doesn’t take away from their originality. As we have already said, navy blue is a faultless choice. And yet it is an easy colour to choose which can be slightly mundane. Although it does not show a lack of taste, it doesn’t have a story to tell and can’t be praised for its originality.

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