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Black socks 100% Cotton with a reinforcement at both toe and heel to increase their durability.

Since 1798, Gammarelli has been, in Rome, the tailor of the Popes.

Men's black knee socks (cover up to the knees) also available in women's sizes.

These black socks from Gammarelli are a must have!

Black socks are the best known and most worn. Rightly or wrongly, it is not appropriate to decide here. Black socks are a must in a man's wardrobe. There are good reasons for this. But we still need to know why.
Black socks are first and foremost a black garment. If women are used to it, black clothes offend some men who don't want to wear them, even if they are socks. For men, black socks are sometimes a necessity, sometimes an aesthetic choice, but all too often a second best. For want of thinking about it, some men choose black socks just as they choose white socks for sports. Black socks should not be subjected to, but chosen to make shoes stand out, to bring out a particular point of the outfit.
Black socks go with everything, that's why they are popular with many men. Black socks are often bought in large quantities, with the idea that they will always be useful. They have the merit, along with grey socks and navy blue socks, of not attracting too much attention. Black and brown shoes go very well with black socks. The same goes for navy blue or grey suits, which can go well with black socks at any time.
Elegance is often simple, the result of intuition. Elegance can't be bought, but it can be acquired. Elegance rhymes with ease. Elegance always seems obvious to the man who contemplates it but is paradoxically subtle to find and master.
In men's clothing, elegance is often hidden in the detail. The colour of the socks you wear with a suit is a perfect example. Black socks, for example, are an attribute of understated elegance. Black is a symbol of calm and soothing authority. Black naturally imposes a certain respect, making the unknown attractive.
Black socks can especially enhance dark, slightly mysterious outfits. Black socks form an elegant transition between suit pants and black dress shoes because they blend in soberly with dark blues or greys. With light-coloured clothes, black socks are more visible, they bring a certain presence and depth to light-coloured outfits.

Iconic knee-high model

The sizes indicated on the socks correspond to Italian sizes. Here is the correspondence of the sizes: 

Europe Shoes 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
Shoes UK 5.5 6 7 8 9 10 10.5 11 11.5
Shoes USA 6.5 7.5 8 9 10.5 11 11.5 12 13
Socks (Italian sizes) 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12 13 13
Socks S S S M M L L XL XL


Some brands deviate slightly from this correspondence table. The sizes we send out take these deviations into account.
If you hesitate between two sizes, prefer the smallest size.

The care of the socks depends on the material of the socks.

For socks made of vegetable materials (Cotton lisle, linen, Sea Island cotton, silk):

- Washing: by hand (recommended) or by machine (cold or 30°, spin-drying 600 rpm);
- Wash socks inside out;
- Drying and ironing: strongly discouraged;
- Flat-drying recommended.

For socks made of animal materials (Wool merino, Cashmere or camel hair):

- Washing: by hand (recommended) or by machine (cold only, spin-drying 600 rpm);
- Wash socks inside out;
- Drying and ironing: strongly discouraged;
- Flat-drying recommended.


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