Robust materials

After long months of searching, we are pleased to present you with the "Robust" range of knee-highs - a range in which the composition of the socks distinguishes them from the 100% lisle knee-highs sold by Mes Chaussettes Rouges.The composition of these quality knee-highs is the main difference between these and the classic knee-highs. Used to make mooring cables for boats, polyamide is a material that absorbs jolts by means of elasticity. This makes it very durable. The presence of polyamide ensures thorough reinforcement for the lisle. It also acts as a kind of elastic that will hug the calf more tightly than knee-highs made of natural materials.

This mix of materials gives the knee-high a firm texture that can be felt to the touch. Composition: 72% lisle, 26% polyamide and 2% elastane.You'll be able to wear these knee-highs with no problems throughout the year and they'll go with any town footwear. To successfully create these knee-highs, numerous abrasion tests were undertaken. The results of these Martindale tests were convincing and showed that the Robust range represents very good resistance to wear.

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