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Gili's X Mes Chaussettes Rouges

Red Flamingo


Gili's X MCR Swimsuits

#Why does Mes Chaussettes Rouges offer swimsuits ?

To be with you all year round: the only time of the year when you don't wear socks anymore is when you're in a swimsuit! That's why Mes Chaussettes Rouges has chosen to design a swimsuit of exception, to keep you looking elegant, even in swim shorts. So that you don't forget us, even barefoot in the sand.

#Why flamingos?

Because it is an animal known for its feet (like us), for its red colour (like us) and that loves water (like Gilli's).

#Why this association with Gili's?

For ten years now, Mes Chaussettes Rouges has been seeking to offer the most beautiful accessories for men. With Gili's swimsuits, Mes Chaussettes Rouges continues to present quality products.

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