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Doré Doré

# What's the Brand Golden-Golden?

Doré-Doré, the oldest Brand of French socks! Founded in 1819, this house is highly reputed for its quality, for men, women and children alike.

The Doré-Doré brand has become an integral part of French cultural heritage. General de Gaulle recounts in his memoires how his wife used to stop off at Troyes to pay a visit to the Doré-Doré shop before continuing her journey to their holiday destination.

Today, Doré-Doré socks are made in Italy.

# Why wear Doré Doré socks?

Doré-Doré offers you beautiful materials by selecting the best yarns.
You can wear the invisible socks, those socks you can't see when you wear sneakers or moccasins!

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